Gibson’s Goodology

About us

Founded on the irrepressible, almost religious belief in human goodness and positivity. This is Gibson’s Goodology.


Who we are

Gibson’s Goodology was born from our irrepressible, almost religious belief in the power of human goodness and positivity. Founded in London in 2019 by a team of cannabis trailblazers and a Michelin star flavour mixologist, our drinks come from a deep belief in the restorative harmony of CBD to help each of us turn up better, live better and love better. Because we believe that when we turn up better we help make the world a little bit better too.


From our founder

Gibson created his Goodology to help you become all that you are meant to be – your fullest, most beautiful, most amazing, most wonderful self – all that your fantastic potential promises. He sees the best version of yourself. He’s dedicated his life to it. He’s written his own philosophy and translated it into delicious delectables for you to enjoy every second of the day.

Our master mixologist

It’s been such a joy working on these drinks with the rest of the GG team. The end result is amazing and truly shows the love and dedication of the whole team. It’s easy to make one drink. Making 10000 is different and it could not have been achieved without all the cogs in the machine working to one harmonious beat. Everything from selecting the teas, sourcing the fruit, brewing en masse, and getting it all in a sustainable package has been made possible by the love and dedication to our shared mission. I hope you love these drinks as much as we do!


How we roll

We are connected

Everything and everyone shares a connection, a sense that is heightened by our products- filling you with empathy, love and kinship. Or even love, joy and harmony.

Drink Good. Do Good. Feel Good

At Gibson’s Goodology, we put nothing but goodness into our drinks, because we believe that when we drink good, we do better and in turn make the world that little bit better.

Proactively positive

Gibson’s Goodology is positive to the point of provocation, we want to shake up the world and show everyone how awesome we all are.

A Company With Conscience

At Gibson’s Goodology, we choose to lead by example and our commitment to sustainability is no exception. Born, brewed and bottled in the UK, as locally and as ethically as possible, our environmental impact is at the heart of every decision we make, big or small. As such, actions speak louder than words, which is why we’re on track to become a certified B Corporation.

We’ve chosen to act now, in order to ensure that we grow as a company without negatively impacting our environment. By doing so, we have committed to public transparency and legal accountability ensuring that we consistently balance profit and purpose. The Earth is a beautiful place to be, and we seek to keep it that way.