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Green Tea and Passion Fruit

The little parcel of Green tea and Passion fruit that’s filled with vitamins, potassium, iron and a healthy source of caffeine. A combination of tropical passion fruit and earthy green tea delicately laced with notes of organic strawberry and pineapple in the tea.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS PER 100ML: Energy 84.0kj/18.6kcal, fat 0.1g, carbohydrates 4.5g (of which 4.3g naturally occurring sugars), protein 0.2g

Green tea (water & green tea) (86%), passion fruit puree (7%), agave syrup, lemon juice, pure CBD isolate.

Green Tea and Passion Fruit


CBD and cannabis for that matter, helps to unlock the body’s natural processes, helping to regulate certain functions. When the human body naturally tries to fight inflammation, insomnia, seizures and generalized anxiety, CBD attaches to the body’s receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system allowing the body to regulate itself more efficiently. That’s why we put as much as we could inside our drinks, so you can feel all the goodness.

Our Passion Fruit

The Passion Fruit is adored for its fresh flavour, beautiful colour and wonderful smell, but it also has many other health benefits. Filled with vitamins A, C, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and antioxidants it helps to boost your immune system. Our ingredients are so well sourced you can taste it.

Our Green Tea

Green Tea is a perfect stimulant replacement, providing a healthy source of caffeine. Green tea has multiple medicinal benefits, providing plenty of antioxidants to boost the immune system, increase metabolism, lowering cholesterol and improving brain function.It’s so good your body will thank you.