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The Skin Routine for You – Virtual at-home Care

With the current buzzword amongst health and wellness enthusiasts being all things CBD, it’s hardly a surprise that a quick online search will yield a slew of CBD products easily available. With the benefits of CBD being numerous and varied in their scope; you’re able to get your hands on a CBD-related version of nearly anything you can think of: Chocolates, culinary delights, candles and even hemp clothing.

The current wave being ridden with great gusto though is certainly the inclusion of CBD in skin care products; and with an assortment of CBD creams, oils, lotions, cleansers to even lipsticks being created by beauty experts and welcomed with open arms by consumers; it’s become easier than ever to incorporate these beneficial CBD products into your daily skin care routine.

In case you missed the memo and you’ve been wondering to yourself, “What is CBD?” we’d love to bring you up to speed: Cannabidiol – or more commonly referred to as CBD – is a naturally-occurring molecular compound that’s found in cannabis (marijuana & hemp) plants. CBD is one of the two primary active ingredients of cannabis, and is totally non-hallucinogenic; while THC is the other active ingredient, and is the psychoactive agent – in other words, THC is the one that gets you “high”.

CBD is the compound that has the medical and scientific communities sitting up in their seats with rapt attention; and this comes largely thanks to on-going research suggesting that CBD may be effective in alleviating anxiety, chronic inflammation and pain, insomnia and even some rare forms of childhood epilepsy. That’s all well and good, but why is CBD good for your skin; and why should you be adding CBD-infused skincare products to your daily skincare routine?

By now, we’re all aware of the benefits of a good skincare routine – and gents, that includes you too! It helps your skin stay in good condition; and can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and generally help your skin (meaning: you) look its best. Studies and research have indicated that Cannabidiol offers some serious antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, which could be rather useful in addressing skin concerns such as dryness, free radical damage and inflammation. Additionally; because CBD helps reduce the production of sebum in the skin, it could be effective in fighting acne – and not only that, but research has also indicated Cannabidiol may be an effective treatment for eczema and psoriasis as well.

So How Do I Choose The Right CBD Skincare Product?

While the medical, scientific and lawmaker communities are yet to put a final stamp of approval on the researched benefits of CBD; the general consensus thus far is that it’s safe to use topically (applying directly to the skin). When choosing your CBD skincare products though, it’s important to understand a few key factors; as this will ultimately help you choose a product which would be best-suited to your intended application.

You can look at products that make mention of “Cannabidiol”, “broad-spectrum CBD”, “full-spectrum CBD”, “hemp extract” or “hemp CBD” on the label. Knowledge is power; so please note that hemp seed oil or cannabis Sativa seed oil is not the same thing as CBD oil! All Cannabidiol-infused products are formulated by using either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil, or CBD isolate (which is the purest version of CBD). The full-spectrum oils contain all the compounds traditionally found in hemp; which includes trace amounts of the psychoactive THC agent. On the other hand, the broad-spectrum oils contain a range of Cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes derived from cannabis – but no THC elements. Skincare products which contain CBD isolate are generally best for facial skincare, since it’s packed with skin-rejuvenating antioxidants; is pure, and doesn’t clog pores.

It’s not necessary to chuck your existing skin care creams and lotions in the bin, as making use of CBD skincare products goes hand-in-hand with your products. For example: after a relaxing bath, apply your normal lotions and creams, before applying your topical CBD product. Some creams and lotions claim to offer targeted relief, so will only be applied to affected areas; while others can be used for general application – so always be sure to check the CBD percentage of the products you’re interested in. For instance, if the intention is topical application for pain relief or anxiety, then the product’s CBD percentage will need to be higher in order to be effective.

Now that you’re clued up and know what to look out for, as part of your skin cleansing routine it’s recommended to include a CBD infused exfoliating cleanser or a CBD soap to gently clean, exfoliate, nourish and rejuvenate your skin. Once this step has been completed and you’re lathering up your body with lotion; don’t forget to include a CBD formula body lotion as your final step. For those wanting to go the extra mile, CBD infused tissue repair serums and eye balms are reported to be great at smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, refining skin texture, soothing tired skin and accelerating its natural healing process. Once you start moving on to the CBD sleeping masks, lip balms and one of our Taster 6 packs for a CBD top-up in the morning, noon or night; you could probably give yourself a pat on the back and count it as a win to build upon; if the claims of CBD’s effectiveness are anything to go by, then you’re taking in some wonderful goodness!

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