Stockist Spotlight- GreenBox - Gibsons Goodology

Stockist Spotlight- GreenBox

On a mission to help the world rediscover the incredible potential of plant-based wellness GreenBox is helping to enable people to live fuller, healthier and happier lives by bringing the most high-quality and sustainable brands together in one marketplace. At Gibson’s Goodology, we seek to work with those that embody our values, spirit and positivity and Greenbox is no exception.

What’s the history behind Greenbox?
We started it in March 2020, as a marketplace for plant-based wellness. The story behind it is that I had started to look at CBD, started to use it regularly for stress, anxiety and sleep and I found it worked really well. So I wanted to find some high-end products to offer to others and spread the message and as I got into that I realised that there was this incredible and amazing world of botanicals that could help and ease some of the same issues. So, I spent a year talking with as many brands as possible, screening every product, trying to find the 10-12 I wanted to partner with and Gibson’s Goodology is obviously one of those as it’s very high-quality, so that’s where the work began and now I’m expanding.

Who’s on the team?
It’s just me and some fantastic partners and suppliers that I’ve brought onto the delivery team!

How did you come to know Gibson’s Goodology?
Well, I met this amazing character named Gibson who is like a ray of sunshine, a really positive person, it was actually at an industry event, and I tried some of their drinks. See I’ve tried a lot of CBD drinks and the issue on the CBD side, on the hemp side is with a drink hemp is pretty bitter, so a lot of companies throw a tonne of sugar at it, so it’s not really a healthy drink, it’s just a really sugary drink that happens to have some CBD in it and doesn’t even really taste that good anyway. So he gave me some Gibson’s Goodology, the stuff he was tasting and I thought it was amazing. It was the best product that I’ve tried with much lower levels of sugar, all-natural which is what we at Greenbox strive to be, as much all-natural as possible. So, I approached them, we became friends and I asked if we could sell Gibson’s as we think it’s the best product on the market.

What’s your favourite flavour?
I like the blueberry flavour, it tastes great and has a great mouth feel, so it makes a hangover-free replacement for wine.

What are your future plans?
We’re expanding our marketing campaign, we’ve got a radio campaign that kicks off in June, we’re partnering with a few athletes in tertiary sports, like volleyball. We’ve also got our own brand called “Cerious” which we’re reformulating and that’s relaunching this summer with a high formulation so we’re working on that. But in essence, it;s just refining our message, getting out what GreenBox is and the other thing we’re looking for because we’re a sustainable brand we want every portion of a purchase to go towards a project, so we’re currently trying to find a rewilding project in the UK and we’re speaking to few parties on that. Just so we can emphasise our motto about which focuses on wellbeing and sustainability, like Gibson’s Goodology.

David Gibson


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