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Stockist Spotlight- Golborne Deli

Amongst the hustle and bustle of Golborne Road in Notting Hill, Golborne Deli is adored by locals for its selection of fine wine and organic produce, which it has served daily for twelve years. With the world starting to open back up again, we want to take this month’s stockist spotlight to highlight one of our brilliant stockists who are now able to fully open back up. One for the summer to-do list, we encourage all West Londoners to head on down to enjoy a Gibson’s or two whilst you relax in the London sun.

We sat down with co-founder Aleks to discuss the history behind this lovely little deli last week, follow the link in the bio to read the full interview and learn a little more about your local!

What’s the history behind Goldborne Deli?
We’ve been here for twelve years. George and I have been partners for twenty years, we love the street [Goldborne], it’s amazing we used to come here for coffee all the time during the Friday and Saturday market, it’s a great place. Goldborne Deli used to be a small coffee shop, then back in 2009/08 the owner told us he wanted to retire which came at a perfect time, as our jobs had just finished at our old place of work, so we decided to join together to open up a coffee shop. The main thing about this area is that it’s lovely to come here on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s very chilled, you can buy anything you want.

How did you and George meet?
We met through work. We worked together all over London in different restaurants and clubs, we’ve been working together since 2000 for over twenty years.

Who’s on the team?
Our business has changed completely, as it was a daytime eatery and a coffee shop and now we have the delicatessen with different produce from all around the world, still with quite a small selection of menu with breakfast and brunch still being served. So in terms of the team, I’d say around ten people including myself and George.

How did you come to know Gibson’s Goodology?
We met the founder, he came to buy wine and we started discussing CBD as we still sell CBD drops but hadn’t yet branched out to drinks. I love CBD, we started talking and suddenly one thing led to another and he started to tell us about Gibson’s Goodology and he brought a few for us to try. He was very helpful, he was the one who made us confident in selling CBD drinks as he was very knowledgeable about the market and the product.

What’s your favourite flavour?
I think blueberry is my favourite, I usually try not to drink anything at the moment, just water and wine. But the blueberry is great, with the texture you can feel it and really original. Most importantly, our customers seem to love all of the flavours.

Future plans?
We’re currently working on a wine list and a pairing menu, we’re going to have tables outside on the terrace, we’ll be doing lunch, brunch and afternoon tea, and then a different menu for evenings as we’ll be open late. Everything has changed in this past year but still in a sense things will be similar, our menu will be more compact during the day and we’ll be expanding into the evenings with a spring menu, it’ll be great as long as the weather stays nice!

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