Gibsons Goodology Mixed Case of Teas - Gibsons Goodology

Gibsons Goodology Mixed Case of Teas

Don’t have a favourite yet? Don’t worry, go on a flavour journey like no other with all 3, packed with pure antioxidants, immune-boosting and all natural ingredients. It’s so good your body will thank you!

Green Tea and Passion Fruit: NUTRITIONAL FACTS PER 100ML: Energy 84.0kj/18.6kcal, fat 0.1g, carbohydrates 4.5g (of which 4.3g naturally occurring sugars), protein 0.2g

Jasmine Tea and Rhubarb: NUTRITIONAL FACTS PER 100ML: Energy 90.0kj/21.2kcal, fat 0.1g, carbohydrates 5.0g (of which 5.0g naturally occurring sugars), protein 0.1g, salt 0.2g

Shiso Tea and Blueberry: NUTRITIONAL FACTS PER 100ML: Energy 144.8kj/34.3kcal, fat 0.1g, carbohydrates 6.6g (of which 6.6g naturally occurring sugars), protein 0.3g, salt 0.8g

Green Tea and Passion Fruit: Green tea (water & premium green tea), pure passion fruit, agave, organic lemon juice.

Jasmine Tea and Rhubarb: Jasmine tea (water & premium jasmine tea), summer british rhubarb, agave, organic lemon juice.

Shiso Tea and Blueberry: Shiso leaf tea (water & organic shiso leaf tea), pure blueberries, agave, organic lemon juice.

Gibsons Goodology Mixed Case of Teas

Our Blueberry

Grab a blueberry powerhouse of a drink! Blueberries have been the most expensive and one of the most challenging ingredients to work with, but we’re so pleased with the results! Bursting with flavour, low calorie, antioxidants, vitamins and magnesium, Gibson’s likes to believe the research that states that blueberries help to prevent heart disease and improve brain function.

Our Rhubarb

Drink in the benefits. Feel the Goodology! With the taste of a british summer rhubarb. Our rhubarb is chosen for its flavour, colour, antioxidants, immune-boosting ingredients and vitamins. Hand-picked loveliness captured in every drink.

Our Passionfruit

We wish you could all smell the passionfruit when it’s mixed into our drink. It’s an explosive floral extravaganza of tropical beauty! Flavourful and functional, as we like to believe that it helps to prevent heart disease, improve brain function, boost your immune system, increase your metabolism and even lower cholesterol. Who knew it was so delicious to treat your body better.