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All About Our Drinks

We all have a tendency to pick up habits real quick that do nothing except gratifying our bodies?

We are talking about those calories dense, high on sugar, and salt overloaded bit’s of junk food and soft drinks we seem to consume at an alarming rate.

Despite our endless attempts to fill a void, we end up cutting no slack to our bodies from lip-smacking unhealthy food items.

But the universe never fails to surprise us and blesses us with its goodness. This time, it’s all about the healthy CBD drinks that are making the headlines everywhere, and Gibsons Goodology are leading the way.

After all, how often do you witness marijuana making rounds in the news and media for all the RIGHT reasons?

CBD drinks, or Cannabidiol drinks, are exactly what they sound like – a drink infused with one of the chemicals found in the Cannabis plant. The difference being here is they don’t qualify as drugs and therefore, won’t make you high or get you in trouble. Also, they aren’t illegal (at least not everywhere).

We bring you a complete guide book on the most trending drink of this year infused with CBD. Gibsons Goodology. Gulp it up!

First things first, what is CBD?

A Cannabis plant contains more than a hundred components in a primary mixture of CBD and THC. We know these as phytocannabinoids.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol (thank god abbreviations exist!) are the psychoactive components responsible for making people high.

CBD, despite being born out of the same plant, functions oppositely to THC. It doesn’t provide intoxication and is, in fact, now recommended for medicinal purposes.

You’d be amazed to know that CBD and THC share the same chemical formula. They react differently only because the arrangement of the atoms is different. weird, right?

Why is CBD making so much noise?

Whether you knew much about it or not, it isn’t likely you haven’t heard of it.

CBD has picked up a major boom for the past few years and it’s practically everywhere; you can’t not notice it.

Beer, coffee, tea, drinks, chocolates, gummies, sparkling water, balms, tinctures, oils, lotions, cosmetics, – you name it. CBD infused versions of these products has flooded the market

According to a report by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, a population of 1.3 million consumes CBD regularly in the UK. The researchers have estimated that the market will grow up to the figure of £1 billion by 2025.

It’s crazy, right? So what led an alternative care product to turn into a raging necessity in just a few years? So it’s time to give you a preview to review what we do (and know) feeling the rhymes today-

While there are a few countries where CBD is still illegal, the UK had made it legal long back in 1971. The only condition required is that the THC content needs to be less than 0.02%.

Since the UK has made it available from the early 70s, the stigma attached around cannabis has diminished to a great extent, which is not the case with other countries. It benefits as the people over here are more aware and open to the idea of CBD.

Health Benefits
While researchers are still working on it, studies show that CBD is working for our health in a number of good ways. Interestingly, even the WHO ( the World Health Organisation not the band) has approved it and has defined it safe.

While most people use it to curb anxiety and stress, it has also proven itself effective in providing people with sound and enhanced sleep. WHO itself has shown the green flag to use it as an alternative medication to treat epilepsy.

The beauty industry is mixing CBD in every other cosmetic because it’s said to give an anti-ageing effect and clears the skin by reducing the no. of breakouts.

A Wide Product Range
The UK’s CBD market witnessed an exponential growth spurt within a few years. The credit goes to the marketers and innovators like ourselves who leapt at the opportunity and invented a wide range of CBD infused products.

Naturally, the users got attracted because the aura of CBD tightly surrounded them. They hit right at the user’s psychology. If that’s not a smart move, what is?

Moment of truth – Does CBD work?

There is no smoke without fire. The popularity of CBD speaks for itself. While the researchers are still carrying out different studies, but , humbly, we can conclude CBD to be working positively for a lot of people.

What we’d like to add though is an excess of anything is a mistake. ( To much of a good thing and all that)

The benefits seem to be exciting. Nonetheless, one should experiment with it at a slow pace. The body of every individual is different and hence, it will work differently for everyone. We get if you want to fix your CBD-curbing issues as soon as possible, but don’t go overboard with any CBD products out there. The U.K. The Food Standards Agency recommends adults to not intake more than 70mg of CBD per day. Start with trying a small quantity in the beginning and see how it works for you. If it works fine, increase the intake gradually up to the recommended quantity. At Gibsons Goodology we value health and we are big advocates of slow and steady.


There is no doubt in the fact that CBD isn’t a fleeting trend. By looking at the surge in its sales, even a layman will know it’s here to stay and grow.

It’s legal (in most places). It’s popular. It’s beneficial for health.

Give us one reason why should you not be inclined to try your hands on it. As for the options, you just need to turn your head around in the market.

But that becomes a problem sometimes, doesn’t it?

Many options equals much confusion. So don’t go researching for every CBD product in the market.

The best solution is to choose a health-oriented product that’s made with natural ingredients abundantly provided by mother nature and, has amazing flavours, and is good to consume at any time of the day. Wait, did we just define Gibson’s Goodology CBD drinks? – shameless plug right there.

Remember what we said in the beginning? You try hard to quit junk food. So when there’s a chance, you grab it instantly. Consuming CBD with unhealthy food products makes little sense. That’s where Gibson Goodology enters! Check out all the varieties of delightful drinks and get your hands on some goodness right away.

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