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All Vegan

Ethically Driven

Exceptionally delicious

Crafted in small batches

The World’s Finest Luxury CBD Tea

The power of Gibson’s Goodology

25 mg CBD

In our case, less is not always more.

Award Winning Flavours

Michelin star mixology in every drop.

Ethically sourced

The little drink with a big conscience.

High quality ingredients

Full of flavour and feel good.

Shiso Tea and Blueberry 24 Pack

We have taken tea and literally elevated it. Our Shiso Tea and Blueberry comes with a warm comforting CBD kick. If you want CBD in your tea and your one of those sharing and caring types then feel free to order this 24 pack and seriously spread the love and harmony to your nearest and dearest.

Shiso Tea and Blueberry 3 Pack

The Shiso herb has been used as an anti-inflammatory remedy in Japan for centuries. The shiso leaves contain large amounts of calcium and iron and we have taken all the good and just elevated it slightly with blueberry and created a CBD infused Shiso tea. Health is the real wealth and we want you to be as rich.

Shiso Tea and Blueberry 6 Pack

6 packs have always been sexy. Well, they just got even sexier. Our Shiso and Blueberry CBD infused tea was designed to capture good health in a can and delivered to you so you can also look and feel sexy in your own soul and skin. CBD tea is not a revolution. it’s a way of life. A life, full of goodness and harmony.

The Good Word